Meet Our Team

We operate with three core values:
1. Development
2.  Growth
3.  Gratitude

These guide our operation everyday.  We develop opportunities, houses and our team.  The development leads to our growth and we are forever grateful for everyone we work with include sellers, buyers, realtors, our contractors, suppliers and everyone else who helps us every single day.

Our team consists of:

Bill Ingersoll – Our construction manager.  Bill has many years of experience in the trades and is our job-site leader for every house we work on.  He helps us stay on budget and deliver houses on time focusing heavily on speed, quality and cost.

Cheryl Ingersoll – Cheryl is heavily involved on acquisitions and keeps our accounting in tip-top shape!

Jim Ingersoll – Focusing heavily on acquisitions and funding for all projects.

Melisa Catron – Melisa works with us on design.  She helps us maximize value add opportunities on each house we work on.

Many of our contractors have been working with us for many years and we are grateful for them.